Ok so I started a WIP blog. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do now for… 3 years? Something like that.

In any case, I’ll make a short introduction of myself:

The name is Peter (or Nate… honestly I prefer Nate, don’t know how it happened that everyone I know these days call me Peter).

I’m an artist. Or at least I like to think so. ^^

Let’s go with “aspiring game industry character artist and designer” for now.

I’m currently doing a master degree in Games Art, specializing in characters. Previously, I did 3D Film Production, focusing on animation, script writing and cinematography. I’d say I’m pretty well rounded in terms of skillset… aside from my crappy drawing that is. 😛 

Anyway, I came to where I am now simply because I discovered Zbrush. I honestly didn’t enjoy 3D that much when I started out, but I soldiered on because I wanted to one day work in the games industry. At the time, I found most 3d packages to be a bit of a pain in the ass. The process of creating wasn’t very organic, too many hoops to jump through,  too much technical crap between the artist and his creation.

All that changed when I first got my hands on Zbrush. I’ve always loved modeling in clay, working with shape and form. This just came naturally with Zbrush, I found a way to get my creativity to flow more naturally into my 3d work.

In any case, that was a long winded way of saying that while doing animation, I found myself spending all my time on modeling. I didn’t want to put it down. So shifting my focus from animation to modeling seemed the obvious direction. So I changed my direction from animation in film and games to modeling. I still do enoy character animation quite a bit, but more so in a Dr. Frankenstein way with my characters. It’s aliiive! Muahahaah!

So here I am, about halfway through my master degree. Nowadays I do mainly do concepts, modeling and texturing, as well as rigging and animation as more of a secondary skillset. I also dabble quite a bit in game design. Not technically my field, but I have ideas and I’m..opinionated. 🙂 

I’m not nearly as good a character artist as I wanted to be, or imagined I’d be by now, however I’m doing ok. I feel I have the natural feel for this type of work, and that I have potential in this field. Basically, I’m pretty sure I’m not wasting my time here and that I won’t finish a degree but end up working in a gas station or something, that’s what I’m trying to say… yeah.

Aaaanyways, why was I here? Oh yeah, WIP blog!

I’m starting  3 different projects these days, so I guess this is the perfect time to start my blog, since you know, I’ll actually have WIP stuff to talk about here.

So let’s go over what we’re gonna do over the next few months, in no particular order:

Warlock – personal work.

A friend of mine is putting together his own game. Ambitious! I like it! Anyhow he needs character models and stuff. He clearly did some sort of daring inception type stuff to me and kicked off an idea, because I spent days with just warlocks on my mind. So said I’d do a character. Mostly for personal work, practice and portfolio, but giving it to him to do whatever he wants with once it’s done.

Fall of Spartacus – Uni work.

My character studies module runs until christmas, and tasks us to do a Beauty Shot. Good stuff! My weak points is my presentation. I always feel like I create perfectly good models, but then I shoot myself in the foot with poor presentation. I’m terrible with shaders and rendering, so this will be the perfect opportunity to learn more about that and apply it to a project.

Trickster(development title) – Master Project.

The big one!  It’s not supposed to start until January, but good news it my Project Pre-Production module is designed to give me time to do pre-production for the project already.  I have grand plans for my master project. Basically my goal is to have enough material to pitch a game idea to a publisher. This means I will present a game design document, a story document, key assets (major characters, environments) along with a teaser trailer for the game. I’m about as good at programming as Shaq is at freethrows, so no game prototype, which is why I’m going for a teaser trailer instead.

I might be overambitious here, but we’ll see. Deadline is June 2011, so if I start now, and stay active and productive, I can get pretty close to what I want.

In any case, work in progress posts for these different projects will be going up some time in the near future. Stay tuned! ^_^




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