Fall of Spartacus concepts


This is the moodboard I put together for my project. I’m going to for a quite dark fantasy style.

I did some quick concepts for my image. Apologies in advance for my crappy painting. My wacom is broken, so I did all this with a mouse. ^^

Will be going for very classic Silver Age style comic book proportions.

At the point I’m doing the image, he will have been on the run from the roman leagion for over 6 months. I imagine he wouldn’t have a whole lot of equipment anymore, some broken, some discarded.

So I’m thinking he would have come full circle and returned to much the same kind of outfit he would have worn as a slave. 

So he has a basic loincloth, a shoulder armor piece with layered plates, plate armor shinguards and a fancy belt, leftovers from the armor he used to wear. He also wears an old roman legion cape to protect from wind and weather.

His weapons are standard shield and a gladius.

I did a couple of different concepts for my image. Trying to think of how to put together my color scheme and finding the right composition.

In this one I added a shield on the side to reflect the light, in order to create an additional light source.

I’m still going to change the composition a bit more. Bring the character closer and angle the perspective up some more, to create a more heroic look. But I’m sick of doing poorly drawn concepts, so I plan to do this with a 3d mock up, just using placeholders for the geometry, so I can better pre-visualize the final composition.



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