Warlock concept: Graav

A friend of mine is making his own game as a project, and I told him I’d do a character for him. I haven’t had much time to work on it as Uni work is taking up most of my time, however I did put together a quick concept and have the base mesh almost completed.

I call him “Graav”.

The concept behind the character was the idea that this guy isn’t a typical wizard character. He’s a strong fighter, who through a series of unfortunate incidents, has been chained to a magical artifact. Basically his heart has been torn out of his chest and impaled on the artifact, which floats inside a sentient eye, that is in turn, chained to his back.

I see him as more of a victim of his circumstances than an actual warlock. All that is keeping him alive is the black magic of the artifact, so he can’t destroy it as that would kill him. I would create the character as kind of an odd couple thing, with him being more of a good guy, that hates this magical sentient eye that basically keeps his heart and very life hostage as it taunts him, and gets him into all kinds of mischief.

Will post more once I finish building the model and start detailing it.



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