Fall of Spartacus: WIP Update #1

I started modeling the character. I’m not doing a lot of modeling in Max, since for this project I’m just doing an image, and polycount is not an issue, so I will be importing a higher subdivision level into max for the final render. This means that I can just focus on creating the different mesh pieces with enough geometry in right places for the sculpt. The actual sculpting phase will create all the detail geometry for me, which I will then import back. No need to spend time fiddling around in max to model it there.

The model ended up being about 7400 polygons unoptimized, didn’t delete the insides of eqipment etc. I never do this until after the sculpt is done, because I believe it is important that everything has thickness in Zbrush. Usually I would do the sculpt and the UV’s, then optimize the mesh before rigging. No need to optimize  for this image though.

I’ve finished building the base mesh for the character itself. Didn’t start weapons and environment just yet. Will finish basic detail sculpting and preliminary posing of the character before I do that.

I’m not too far into the sculpting phase yet. I did most of the body sculpt (didn’t add small details yet, skin pores, wrinkles, scars etc), and I’m about to start the equipment.

Quick note about the environment. I’m thinking I’m just going to model the pile of bones he is standing on, not the background. The background can just be a plane with an image on it. I’ll do the pile of bones like a base, so it’s suitable for a turnaround, or even a 3d print.



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