Fall of Spartacus WIP Update #2

I have pretty much finished modeling on the character. I’ve done everything except the fine details such as skin pores, scars, fabric patterns etc. I’m holding off on that for two reasons.

Once I pose the character there will be some resculpting required. Fixing deformation caused by the posing process, as well as changes to the body based on the pose, such as muscles stretching and contracting.

The second reason is because I want to do the UV’s first. Which I am going to do after posing, as opposed to when he is in a T pose, because there may be stretching caused by the pose. During animation this would usually not matter because no one will notice, but in a still image like this, it may be very apparent. So I am posing the character first, then doing the UV’s. And then I am adding the fabric details etc, because in many cases, just using a texture as an alpha for creating fabric patters will let you create things in moments that would otherwise take hours upon hours to sculpt manually.

The hair is not in place yet. It will be done with alpha mapped planes after posing.

I have pretty much finished creating and adding detail work to the weapons to be featured in the scene.

I have also started work on the base for the character. I’m doing it as a typical model base, so it could be suitable for 3d printing as well as a beauty shot.

Originally I was planning to repurpose an old skeleton mesh I had created a few years ago for the base, just use the skull and various skeleton parts and copy it out to form the base. This actually worked pretty well, but ended up being very polygon heavy as I used over 50 skulls, and left me in a UVW hell. I could either just UV map one skull and copy it out, making all the skulls look the same, or I could make them all part of the same object and map every one of them. Neither option was very attractive.

So I chose to just sculpt the whole thing. I created basically just a big lump of clay, and decided to use the skulls I had copied around as a general guideline for my sculpt.

Rather than just a pile of skulls, I have decided to make the base more of an organic being. Kind of a character in itself. It’s going to be a large blob with skulls and heads and arms writhing under and poking through it’s “skin”.

Best reference I can think of off the top of my head is Envy from Full Metal Alchemist.

I must admit I’m kind of wondering what I have gotten myself into with this base. Just blocking in all the skulls took forever.  Thank the gods for the Decimation Master plugin for Zbrush. Every time I build up a skull, the polygons get stretched, but then I can just decimate and have a lower res mesh that keeps most of, if not all the detail, with a nice and even spread of polys. Saves me a lot of time that otherwise would have been spent retopologizing. In any case, I didn’t want to spend too much time on the base, but this looks like a bit of a project. But hopefully I’ll get a nice result in the end.


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2 responses to “Fall of Spartacus WIP Update #2”

  1. Trebor777 says :

    For the base you could use the remesh tool, that will create a new unified skin based on the current tool.
    That’s quite cool 🙂
    And only in the end after the sculpt is done, you’d do the proper retopology.

    For the cape, holes could be made with a combination of noise and masking:

    That’ll look a bit better I think, In the end though, you could do that with an opacity map anyway.

    • Nate Fury says :

      I’m planning to do the holes and tears in the cape with an opacity map once I take it back to max. The holes in the sculpt version are there mostly for reference sake, so I know what’s up for later. ^^

      Awesome tutorial! I’m definitely trying it out! ;D

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