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Project Eagle Rock – Additional Character Profiles.

I figured I’d list the profiles for the remaining major characters in Eagle Rock. These characters don’t have concepts yet, but they will receive spotlight features as their visal designs come together.

Character Profile: Jason Eagles – Niyol

Nationality: Native-American

Age: 47

Height: 6.5ft/1.92m

Weight: 220lb/100kg

Occupation: Shaman/Spiritual Guide of Eagle Rock tribe. Prize fighter. Mechanic.

Abilities: Ability to take “vitality” from other living beings and add it to his own.

Appearance: Long hair. Scarred, weathered face. Large and muscular man. Tribal tattoos. (Reference keyword: Alistair Overeem)

Personality: Calm and friendly, but a fierce warrior. Spiritual.


Jason Eagles is the spiritual guide of the Eagle Rock tribe. He’s the guy everyone goes to with their problems, be it a family argument, difficulty with rent, or troubled youth. Jason always spends his time trying to help his tribe in any way he can.

He’s also a powerful fighter. His size and strength alone makes him a fearsome opponent, but he also uses his connection with the spirits to sap his opponents strength and add to his own. For this reason, he acts as the defender of the tribe. Protecting his people, from theats from the outside as well as within.

There was quite a lot for him to deal with, relating to issues arising from the Indian Casino outside of town that serves as the tribes main business. Most men and women from the reservation works with the casino. The casino business tends to bring in an undesirable element. The guards would deal with most situations, but whenever something happens that is too much for them to handle, they would contact Jason.

One such time was when the Connor family came to the Eagle Rock casino. The Connors had already driven out all competition in the city, and now came to take control over the casino. When they refused, the Connors caused trouble.

Jason was able to drive them away, but sustained serious wounds at the hands of Joseph O’Connor himself. In an effort to aquire more power, so he could fight the Connors when they inevitably returned, Jason spent almost a weak in a secluded sweat lodge. Conducting ancient rituals to commune with the spirits, he came face to face with a maddening beast, who claimed his sanity in exchange for power.

Jason lost his sanity, and never left his sweatlodge. His people tried to come to him for help again, but they got nothing from him except nonsensical rambling about the end of days.

When the Connors returned, Jason finally showed himself again and stood tall in front of the Connor family and their hired thugs. A great battle took place as everyone else fled, but once again Jason found himself beaten by Joseph O’Connor. In his desperation, he pleaded once more to the demon he connected with at the sweat lodge, and summoned a great beast. Instead of helping him, the beast took Jason away. It was as if he wanished in thin air.

The Connor family took the casino by force, while Jason just disappeared. No one has seen him since.


Character Profile: Nascha Eagles

Nationality: Native American

Age: 43

Height: 5.6ft/1.67m

Weight: 120lb

Occupation: Unemployed. Formerly employed at Eagle Rock Casino.

Abilities: No superhuman abilities.

Appearance: Weathered but pretty. Thin, unhealthy. Dirty dress. Unkempt hair.

Personality: Heavy drinker. Bitter and resentful. Always complaining and picking fights. Appears harsh and angry to outsiders, but prone to breaking down in private.

Backstory: Nascha Eagles is an alcoholic. She lost her job at the Eagle Rock casino after causing too many scenes and driving away customers. So she now lives in her trailer and spends most of her days drinking and watching tv.

She wasn’t always like this. She used to be a beautiful and intelligent woman, in charge of public relations and tourism for the Eagle Rock casino.

After her husband, the tribes Shaman and guardian, lost his mind and then disappeared, she slipped into depression as she had trouble dealing with life as a single mother to young Ryan.


Character Profile: Julian Wright

Nationality: African-American

Age: 27

Height: 6.4ft/1.90m

Weight: 205lb/93kg

Occupation: Prize fighter, Doorman.

Abilities: No supernatural abilities. Very athletic. Strong wrestler.

Appearance: Tall, heavily muscled. Shaves his head. Has a goatee. Usually wears a suit. Has hawaiian tribal tattoos.

Personality: Julian is kind of a sleeping giant. He’s goodhearted and jovial most of the time, but when pushed he becomes a fierce beast. He’s pretty laidback and likes to joke around.


Julian Wright is a professional fighter who works as a doorman at the local club.

He was a bit of a spoiled kid. Born into a wealthy family, his father is a politician and his mother is a doctor, Julian was a star athlete in high school and college, who eventually lost his scholarship and was expelled because a girl accused him of rape after a night of excessive drinking and smoking following a big win for the college football team.

Julian ended up going on a bit of a self pity fueled bender, and got into a brawl in a local club. He absolutely the guys he was fighting, and caught the attention of a local kickboxing trainer. His natural athletisism and killer instinct marked Julian as a promising prospect. The trainer tracked Julian down the next day and offered to train him to be a professional fighter.

Julian got into mixed martial arts, and trains diligently, seeing this as a second chance to follow his dream of being a professional athlete. This is where he met Ryan and Tommy, two fellow fighters training diligently and working on their abilites, each for their own reasons.


Character Profile: Tommy Maldini

Nationality: Italian-American

Age: 25

Height: 5,9ft/1.75m

Weight: 170lb/ 70kg

Occupation: Prize fighter, construction foreman, cat burglar.

Abilities: Speed beyond human capabilites. Very agile, supernatural leaping ability. Great Muay Thai fighter.

Appearance: Tommy is always very slick. Wears stylized (70’s flared sleeves etc) suits, shiny shoes, sunglasses at night, slicked back hair, always looking sharp. Cocky grin on his face.

Personality: Tommy is smooth but oddly detatched. He can be very charismatic and friendly, but there is always a certain emptyness in his gaze and his words, like he doesn’t really care, like the world and all the people he deals with exist only for is amusement. He has a very dark sense of humour, and is more likely to just crack a joke than be fazed by a tough situation.

Backstory: Tommy Maldini is a gangster. In the classic sense of the word. There’s nothing street about him, he’s always dressed sharply and exudes charisma. Officially he works as a foreman for a construction company, but he’s never there and his sense of fashion and his car indicates he lives a lifestyle beyond the means of a construction worker. A bit of a ladies man, he can usually be found in the local clubs.

His family has been involved in crime for generations. Tommy’s father worked for the local italian family until Joseph O’Connor ran them out of time, at which point he switched allegiances and worked for the Connor’s.

His father never really made it, he wasn’t tough enough, he wasn’t smart enough, he wasn’t ruthless enough, so he never made it past mid level mobster. Tommy on the other hand, is very ambitious, and has designs on one day taking over this town. He’s always working a new angle, concocting a new scheme, to further his reputation and his own wealth.

Joseph and his sons realized early on what Tommy was, that he had an ability. His uncanny ability to get to places seemingly out of reach and do things fast resulting in Tommy getting a lot of jobs from the Connor’s and his results earned him their trust.

Tommy also uses his abilites for his amusement as a fighter. Earning money as a prize fighter, undefeated as no one can match his speed and precision and gets picked apart.

He got to know Ryan and Julian through the local gym, where they all train.


Character Profile: William Farrel “Coach Bill”

Nationality: Irish

Age: 72

Height: 6.2ft/.1.85m

Weight: 205lb

Occupation: Martial Arts Coach

Abilities: No supernatural abilities. Kickboxing genius.

Appearance: Old and wrinkled. Gray hair. Tall. Stands up straight. Exudes authority. Has a mean looking frown. (Reference keyword: Clint Eastwood)

Personality: Harsh but fair. He can be mean and grumpy, but genuinely cares about his students.


William Farrel runs the “Lucky Irish” gym where Ryan trains.


Character Profile: The Seven Sons

Joseph O’Connor has only one biological child, but he has several adopted children. They are called the Seven Sons, and act as the top leutenants in the Connor crime family. They are cruel, corrupt men and women, caring only for themselves.

When Joseph had his first child, he eagerly waited for any sign that his ability had transferred to his offspring. When his son grew to a small boy and no such ability was apparent, he performed the ritual he once performed on himself, on his son.

When his son awoke from his coma, he still did not display any abilites. Joseph was puzzled.

He decided to experiment further, and “adopted” more children. One by one, from the streets or from orphanages, he aquired young boys and performed the ritual on them.

They all awoke with new abilities. Joseph raised them, nurtured their abilites and molded them into the most loyal of leutenants. As the only person who truly understood them and their abilities, Joseph became an incredibly important figure in their lives, and inspired fierce loyalty in all of them.

While his children are loyal to him, the downside is they carry a lot of dislike and bitterness towards each other, all competing for the favour of their father. This causes a lot of feuding and infighting in their organization even to this day, as they all try to outdo each other.

The children are now all grown up, and each running a part of the Connor criminal organization.

Character Profile: Gabriel O’Connor.

Envy – first born son.

Nationality: Irish-American

Height: 6.2ft/1.85m

Weight: 185lb

Appearance: Tall, slim and good looking man. Blonde hair with side part. Always dresses sharply and keeps himself well groomed. (Reference keyword: Brendan Fraser)

Personality: Very intelligent. Always playing an angle. He’s friendly and accommodating, but always for a reason. Carries great distain and bitterness towards his father and his adopted siblings.


Gabriel is the second in command in the Connor criminal empire. He is extremely intellegent and a very savvy and ruthless business man. Lacking any abilites like his father and siblings, he’s made up for it with his brilliant mind. While the other children each run a part of the Connor empire, Gabriel oversees the whole operation and usually deals with the big picture plans as opposed to the little details in the every day running of operations.

The biologial child of Joseph O’Connor, he was never treated well by his father after it became apparent that Gabriel had no abilities. He was mostly disregarded as a failure by his father, despite clearly being a very intelligent man and every bit as ruthless as his father.

Gabriel’s undeniable brilliance has made him the second in command in the Connor family, but he’s never been treated as such by the others, always kind of looked down upon for not posessing the kind of power the others do.

He absolutely despises his father and siblings, and is always looking for his opportunity to dispose of his father and take the Connor criminal empire for himself.


Tatsuya Kami

Pride – First Adopted Son

Nationality: Japanese

Height: 6ft/1.80m

Weight: 170lb

Abilities: Healing factor. Super strength. Very quick and agile.

Appearance: Long flowing hair. Stylized suits (gothloli). Regal bearing. Graceful movements. (Reference keyword: Vega, Gackt)

Personality: Extremely proud of his power, his intellect and his appearance. Very self absorbed and vain. Most endeavours he undertakes are done so for the purpose of making himself look better to others, be it to increase his reputation or his wealth, he never does anything that he doesn’t deem to be beneficial to himself.

Backstory: Tatsuya Kami runs the drug trafficking part of the Connor criminal empire. He maintains connections with their suppliers in Asia and South America as well as oversees the distribution around town.

Tatsuya is the first of the children Joseph O’Connor performed his rutual on, and also the most powerful of the group. His healing factor makes him nearly invincible, as well as stops him from aging.


Carl Waters

Lust – Second Adopted Son

Nationality: African-American

Height: 6.3ft/1.87m

Weight: 205lb

Abilities: Releases a toxic substance through his skin than can relax, sedate or even administer lethal toxins.

Appearance: Tall, very fit. Afro. Mustache. Suits with tassles. (Reference keyword: Carl Weathers)

Personality: Carl Waters is a bit of a letch. A sex addict, he spends most of his time trying to get laid. A smooth talker, he prefers to talk his way out of situations and use his ability to finish opponents without ever getting into a fight.

Backstory: Carl Waters is in charge of the prostitution business part of the Connor criminal empire. He oversees “recruitment” and “maintenance” of merchandise, and is the one every pimp in town answers to.

A son of a prostitute, Carl spent his early years in a brothel before his mother was murdered by a client. He then lived on the streets by himself, surviving by first picking pockets, then hustling, until he was taken in by Joseph.


Robert Denton

Wrath – Third Adopted Son

Nationality: Italian-American

Height: 6.6ft/1.95m

Weight: 250lb

Abilities: Super strength. Pyrokinetic.

Appearance: Large, muscular. Shaved head. Square jaw. (Reference keyword: Dana White, Brock Lesnar, Hulk)

Personality: Robert Denton is a very angry man. It doesn’t take much to set him off, getting cut off in traffic, waiter messing up his order, coffee isn’t warm enough, he can be a very difficult man to deal with.

Backstory: Robert Denton is the head of the underground fighting circuit. He runs things, as well as participates in tournaments. When a dominant fighter wins a tournament, he gets to step in the ring with Robert.

Robert was always an angry child, and caused so many injuries to other children in the orphanage he was in that the staff resorted to locking him up in a padded room. They would sedate him and restrain him before feeding him or taking him outside for a bit.


Eric Jackson

Gluttony – Fourth Adopted Son

Nationality: American

Height: 6.2ft/1.85m

Weight: 600lb

Abilities: Limited Invulnerability.

Appearance: Large, extremely fat. Bald. Round face. Huge meaty sausage fingers. Rolls of fat. Shorts and wifebeater. (Reference Keyword: Blob, Butterbean)

Personality: Eric Jackson enjoys the finer things in life, all the time. Never gets enough of anything. Food, wine, women. He never stops.

Backstory: Eric Jackson runs the restaurant business of the Connor family. Which is really just a cover for a vast money laundering business. All cash from every part of the Connor criminal empire pass through here at some point.

He was always the chubby kid when he was young. The other kids would make fun of him, which only made things worse as he would keep comfort eating because of his depression. After Joseph performed his ritual on him, it just got worse, as his newfound power, influence and wealth did nothing to stop others from looking down on him because of his appearance.


Jeff Bridas

Sloth – Fifth Adopted Son

Nationality: American

Heigh: 5.11ft/1.77m

Weight: 185lb

Abilities: Ability to sap the strength from other living beings, adding it to his own.

Appearance: Long unkempt hair. Neckbeard. Sunglasses. Shorts, tshirt, sandals. Always wears a robe. (reference keyword: The dude)

Personality: Jeff is really lazy. He never bothers with personal grooming, he doesn’t dress properly, and does everything he can to do as little as he can.

Backstory: Jeff Bridas is supposed to run the media empire of the Connor crime family. They own several radio stations, a TV channel as well as a 24/7 news channel. They use it to spread their influence as well as misinformation.

Jeff on the other hand, leaves the day to day running of things to his subordinates, and mostly spends his days doing nothing much at all. He sleeps all day, sits around the house, plays videogames and likes to get high. It’s very normal for him to just skip town and go surfing somewhere.

Jeff usually feels very tired, and can’t muster up the energy to do anything. When he has to get into the action, he uses his abilities to drain the energy from other beings around him and transfer it to himself.


Michael Paskin

Greed – Sixth Adopted Son

Nationality: American

Height: 5.10ft/1.77m

Weight: 170lb

Abilities: Telekinetic.

Appearance: (Reference keyword: Al Pacino)

Personality: Very intelligent. Consumed by desire. Money, women, power, he wants it, and is not satisfied unless he has more of it than anyone else.

Backstory: Michael Paskin oversees the “acquisitions” department of the Connor criminal empire. He aquires diamonds, jewellry, luxury cars, boats, planes, and rare art and sells them at huge markups.

His powerful telekinesis allows him to personally take anything he wants. But he prefers to have people doing the aquiring for him, and has a vast network of con-men and cat burglars getting a hold of the things he wants.

As a child, he had nothing. An orphan living on the streets, without the skills or resourcefulness to take the things he wanted and needed, he had to rely on the kindness of strangers to survive. Which was not an ideal situation.

When Joseph O’Connor found him and performed the dark ritual on him, Michael finally had the means with which to take what he wanted.


Project Eagle Rock – Environment Spotlight: Silver Rock City


City block where Ryan’s apartment is located – Very ethnic area. Crowded with lots of little market stalls lining the streets. A lot of garbage. Many back alleys, filled with garbage bags, garbage cans and homeless people.

City moodboard:

Silver Rock City WIP#1 – Narrow Alley Street:

Project Eagle Rock – Game world description, Important story location notes.

  This world is much like our own, the story is set in a fictional city but in modern day America. The economy is bad, wages are down, taxes are up, crime is running rampant in the streets. And people just try to get by as best they can. A lot like our world indeed, only this world is filled with signs of the supernatural.

The people have forgotten, or rather chosen to stop believing, in the supernatural. Angels and demons, creatures of the night, they are all dismissed as silly superstition. Yet the people of this world live with “the touched” walking among them, men and women posessing supernatural abilites. They are not officially recognized or known, more like an urban myth. People know of their existence, stories are told, but there has never been any proof. The goverment routinely deny any evidence of the existence of super powered individuals, and go to great lengths to silence anyone trying to prove otherwise.

These people are called the Touched by those who know of them, they are called this because the church once deemed people exhibiting signs of powers to be touched by the devil, and had them executed. Normal people however, just refer to them as freaks.

The truth of the matter is that there are indeed people with powers. These powers can manifest in many ways, enhanced physical abilites, like speed, strength, hearing and so on, or more supernatural abilities, like telekinesis or pyrokinesis. There are two reasons a person may have abilities like these, they either carry the blood of a supernatural being, or they have performed a dark ritual to obtain their ability in trade with a supernatural being.

For the people born with an ability, it is often as much of a curse as it is a gift, as it was not their choice. Some people may have trouble controlling their ability, and regardless, they have to deal with a world that would not understand.

The people who willingly and knowingly trade for supernaturals for for their gift however, tend to enjoy their newfound power and make use of it for their own ends.

The knowledge and then the courage required to go through with this ritual limits the amount of cases of this happening, but the people who do undergo the ritual tend to be ambitious and ruthless enough to cause waves afterwards. It’s not common, but it is serious enough for the government to have formed a special taskforce to deal with cases where an individual posesses powers that make them difficult to deal with for normal law enforcement.

Important locations:

Ryan’s Apartment – Cheap run-down apartment. Not a lot of furniture. Messy. Old chinese food cartons. Nice tv and games consoles.

City block – Very ethnic area. Crowded with lots of little market stalls lining the streets. A lot of garbage. Many back alleys, filled with garbage bags, garbage cans and homeless people. (Reference keyword: Chinatown)

Club Lotus – Fancy modern place. Neon lights. Colours black, red and pink. Postmodern style. Lots of shiny things, bar, tables, etc. Glass and Chrome.

Club Lotus Basement – Old dingy basement. Two levels. Used for prizefighting. Contains a cage on the lower level, with the upper level serving as a “balcony” of sorts.

Eagle Rock Reservation – An old quarry turned into a village. Lots of sand and rocks and small desert plants. Desaturated.

Ryan’s Parents House – Old beat up trailer with cinderblocks instead of wheels. Window is broken. Crooked tv antenna sticking out of the roof.

Eagle Rock Casino – Very typical indian casino, designed to cater to tourists. With cheap indian memorabilia knock-offs lining the walls and the employees wearing headdresses etc. They run shows where they re-enact battles between the indians and the goverment and so on.

Project Eagle Rock – Character Spotlight: Joseph O’Connor


Joseph O’Connor/Ezekiel Burke is the main antagonist of Eagle Rock. He works mostly behind the scenes and Ryan will spend most of his time dealing with Joseph’s henchmen, but in the end, there will be a showdown.

Age: 63

Height: 6.2ft/1.85m

Weight: 185lb/84kg

Nationality: Irish American

Occupation: Former prize fighter, Head of the Connor crime family, Mayor.

Abilities: Skilled wrestler and boxer. Has the ability to absorb kinetic force.

Appearance: Older gentleman, but in great shape. Balding, but shaves his head. Classy, always wears high quality clothes. Charismatic smirk.

Personality: Joseph/Ezekiel is a very charismatic person. He is intelligent, articulate and authoriatative. He’s very intuitive, and can read situations well. He can go from charismatic leader to threatening in the blink of an eye. His regal bearing and steel gaze inspires confidence and dread in equal measure.


Joseph O’Connor immigrated to America from his homeland of Ireland along with his father, Ezekiel. His father had gotten in trouble with the IRA and decided to go to America seeking a new start for his family in the promised land.

Things did not go so well for Ezekiel, he ended up working at the docks for lousy pay, and got involved with a loanshark over gambling debt. An altercation with an enforcer sent to collect ended in the death of Ezekiel in front of Joseph.

Joseph spent a long time working to come face to face with the loanshark in order to have his vengeance.

A very intelligent young man, he a was fascinated by the supernatural, Through this research he came across a ritual to make himself one of the “touched”. The freaks wandering this world with strange supernatural capabilities. Upon performing the ritual, he fell into a coma for 3 weeks. He was found and hospitalized. During this time, he had intense, incredibly lifelike dreams of demons and other worlds. When he finally awoke, only barely able to remember flashes of what happened in his mind during the time he was comatose, he felt an incredible sensation of power flowing through his body. He could instinctively understand his ability to some degree, like it was just another sense. He was able to absorb force, like a sponge, he would soak it up. If someone hit him, he would not be injured, instead his body would absord the force of the punch and turn it into strength. Once he used what he had absorbed, it would be gone, and he would need to absord more.

Joseph immediately realized the value in his ability for fighting, and got into boxing. From there, he got into prize fighting. Known for his strange habit of disregarding defense, almost inviting other fighters to hit him, he vanquished anyone who dared step into the ring with him.

He made quite a name for himself in the underworld, both as a fighter and a businessman. Eventually, through his toughness, intelligence, charisma and pure ruthless aggression, Joseph became one of the most powerful people in the underworld.

He was an undefeated prizefighting legend and a powerful and inspirational force in the criminal underworld. Many had tried, but no one could stop him.

With his top leutenants, he formed a family, and he drove any competitors out of town and ruthlessly eliminated anyone who tried to move in on his territory.

Eventually, Joseph grew bored with just controlling the gambling, prostitution, prizefighting and drugs. He wanted more. He disappeared from the publics eye completely, changed his face, his name and his lifestyle. He re-emerged as Ezekiel Burke. He took his fathers name, and followed his aspirations. Through bribe and extortion, he won the election for mayor. And not completely controls this town, as an elected official, and behind the scenes as the head of one of the most influential crime families in America.

Joseph moodboard:

Preliminary turnarounds for Joseph O’Connor:

Project Eagle Rock – Character Spotlight: Natalia Williams

  Natalia Williams is the main characters love interest and all around troublemaker.

Nationality: American

Age: 23

Height: 5.7ft/1.70cm

Weight: 110lb/50kg

Occupation: Stripper. Student.

Abilities: Natalia has no supernatural abilities.

Appearance: Slim. Long wavy hair. Wears glasses. Usually wears laid back, comfortable clothing.


Natalia Williams is a smart girl, with a bit of a cynical outlook on life. She works as a stripper to support herself while trying to finish her University degree.

She lost her parents in a car accident when she was a little girl. She then went to live with her blind uncle.

Natalia was always a smart girl and a bit of an overachiever. She was very pretty, but kind of a tom-boy. Rather than join the cheerleading squad like all the other pretty and popular girls, she joined the womens soccer team. After graduating high school, she moved to the city to attend medical school, wanting to specialize in eye surgery and sight research.

In the beginning, she paid for this with her inheritance from her deceased parents, but the city was expensive and the money ran out fast. She had to drop out of university and find a job. After going from job to job, always getting fired for some reason or another, she ended up taking a job as a stripper in a local club. This made her enough money to cover her living expenses and allow her to return to university on a part time basis, trying to finish her degree.

This was when she met her boyfriend Ryan. A friend of Julian, a doorman at the club. Ryan stepped in when a creepy customer tried to wait for her in the parking lot after work, this lead to a late night diner “date”, and since then they have been together.

Moodboard for Natalia:

Natalia Williams preliminary turnarounds:

Project Eagle Rock – Ryan Eagles Turnarounds

Moodboard for Ryan Eagles:

The preliminary turnarounds for the Ryan Eagles character.

Project Eagle Rock – Character Spotlight: Ryan Eagles

  Ryan Eagles is the main character of Eagle Rock.

Age: 24

Height: 6 feet/1.80m

Weight: 170 pounds/77 kg

Nationality: Native American

Occupation: Prize Fighter, Petty criminal, Video rental store clerk.

Abilities: Skilled muay thai fighter. Minor telekinetic powers: Able to create telekinetic shield.

Appearance: Mohawk haircut. Normally wears jeans, hoodie, jacket. Lean athletic build. (Native American Orlando Bloom)

Personality: Ryan is a pretty laid back guy most of the time in social settings. He doesn’t really take things too seriously, and he likes to act like he doesn’t care all that much. But he’s a bit of a loner and prone to brooding. He’s very straightforward and prefers to get down to business rather than beat around the bush.


Ryan Eagles is a disenfranchised young man. He travels in the seedy underbelly of society. He makes his money doing prizefighting in underground fight promotions and committing small-time crime. Stealing tv’s, cars, collecting money for loan sharks, etc.

Ryan grew up on an indian reservation, Eagle Rock, and had a bit of a rough childhood. His father, Niyol, was a Shaman, he lost his mind and disappeared soon after when Ryan was a little boy.

His mother, Nascha, then turned to alcoholism when she had trouble dealing with life as a single mother and accepting what had happened to her husband.

Ryan left the reservation when he was 17, and has been living by himself in the city since then. He has a girlfriend named Natalia, who works a s a stripper in a local club while putting herself through community college. He has two close friends, Julian and Tommy, two other small time prize fighters.

Ryan gets most of his work, whatever it may be, from the local “entrepreneur”, Joseph O’Connor.

Joseph is the legendary undefeated champion of the underworld prizefighting world. He owns several clubs, and is the head of a major crime family. Be it a fight, money collection or a crime opportunity, most of it comes Ryan’s way from Joseph and his associates. Most people in the city works for him in some way, whether they know or not.