Project Eagle Rock – Implementation of Design: Art Direction

Quick note on the art direction and visual style I’m going with for this project. 

The art style of the game is going to reside firmly within Stylized Realism. Stylized realism is my favourite way to work, as it both provides an easy way for the player to relate to the characters and the world (much more so than a talking squirrel living in bubblegum land for example), while still leaving the artistic freedom to exaggerate forms and colours beyond what you would see in a realistic world.

I find it to be the most useful and balanced art style, as it balances the realistic with the unrealistic, and it is up to the artist to decide where to strike that balance.

If you think of realistic as white, and unrealistic as black, stylized realism is a shade of gray of your choice. You can go as dark or as light as you like, it’s up to you.


About Nate Fury

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