Project Eagle Rock – Implementation of Design: Characters and Environments

Just some notes on the design of characters and environments.

The environment is a city, dark and moody, very noir. Unrealistically desaturated combined with “shocks” of saturated colour, like bright neon lights. This will be reflected in the characters and their clothing as well. The characters are human, but some will have exaggerated proportions.

Most characters will dress relatively normally, as they would for walking the street, going to the store or attending a business meeting. This could end up seeming quite generic, with little to provide visual hooks, but this is broken up by characters posessing super powers who manifest itself visually, like unnaturally large muscular, morbidly obese, tall slender. Normal traits you would see in eveyday life taken to extremes. Even more so when they live and interact with normal everyday people.


About Nate Fury

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