Project: Eagle Rock

 Eagle Rock will be the working title for my game.

As the earlier abstract stated, the objective of my project is to design a game, and everything that goes with it, gameplay, story, art direction, characters, environments, as well as a teaser trailer. I’m not going to produce the entire game, but lay the groundwork of the design in a way that I could pitch the game to a publisher. I need to be able to present enough fleshed out designs and assets, gameplay mechanics, and the overall mood and direction of the game, that they could make an informed decision as to whether or not it’s a project they would invest in.

 In essence, this means I need to create a world. Not just a few characters or an environment or two with no context, but a fully realized world, with a story, character profiles and a plot that flows into the character and environment designs and binds them together into a cohesive whole. In addition to that, the story will need to work well within the framework of the game design document, so it may see some major rewrites depending on what can or can’t be done with regards to the actual gameplay.

This is the sort of thing I enjoy doing. Before I started doing animation, then film production, then games art and design, I was a writer. I used to write short stories and graphic novels, and always took great pleasure in building a world.

 For my masters project, which I see as the culmination of these last 5 years of education, I want to include all these different disciplines that I have studied and immersed myself in. Even though I favour some over others (character design and modelling), I have still dedicated time and effort to animation, writing, and game design, and I do not want to see it go to waste.

That’s how I came up with the idea for my masters project. I’m always doing different parts of a game concept on it’s own, be it animation, game design, asset creation or writing, but I have never tried to put everything together into a cohesive product that can be presented as a fully formed entity. What better way to finish my education than to challenge myself to show my diverse skills and abilities, and even further, do it in a way that requires me to be able to present my work in a professional way by having the end product culminate in a pitch. The very thing that will make or break good ideas in the professional world.


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