Project Eagle Rock – Character Spotlight: Joseph O’Connor


Joseph O’Connor/Ezekiel Burke is the main antagonist of Eagle Rock. He works mostly behind the scenes and Ryan will spend most of his time dealing with Joseph’s henchmen, but in the end, there will be a showdown.

Age: 63

Height: 6.2ft/1.85m

Weight: 185lb/84kg

Nationality: Irish American

Occupation: Former prize fighter, Head of the Connor crime family, Mayor.

Abilities: Skilled wrestler and boxer. Has the ability to absorb kinetic force.

Appearance: Older gentleman, but in great shape. Balding, but shaves his head. Classy, always wears high quality clothes. Charismatic smirk.

Personality: Joseph/Ezekiel is a very charismatic person. He is intelligent, articulate and authoriatative. He’s very intuitive, and can read situations well. He can go from charismatic leader to threatening in the blink of an eye. His regal bearing and steel gaze inspires confidence and dread in equal measure.


Joseph O’Connor immigrated to America from his homeland of Ireland along with his father, Ezekiel. His father had gotten in trouble with the IRA and decided to go to America seeking a new start for his family in the promised land.

Things did not go so well for Ezekiel, he ended up working at the docks for lousy pay, and got involved with a loanshark over gambling debt. An altercation with an enforcer sent to collect ended in the death of Ezekiel in front of Joseph.

Joseph spent a long time working to come face to face with the loanshark in order to have his vengeance.

A very intelligent young man, he a was fascinated by the supernatural, Through this research he came across a ritual to make himself one of the “touched”. The freaks wandering this world with strange supernatural capabilities. Upon performing the ritual, he fell into a coma for 3 weeks. He was found and hospitalized. During this time, he had intense, incredibly lifelike dreams of demons and other worlds. When he finally awoke, only barely able to remember flashes of what happened in his mind during the time he was comatose, he felt an incredible sensation of power flowing through his body. He could instinctively understand his ability to some degree, like it was just another sense. He was able to absorb force, like a sponge, he would soak it up. If someone hit him, he would not be injured, instead his body would absord the force of the punch and turn it into strength. Once he used what he had absorbed, it would be gone, and he would need to absord more.

Joseph immediately realized the value in his ability for fighting, and got into boxing. From there, he got into prize fighting. Known for his strange habit of disregarding defense, almost inviting other fighters to hit him, he vanquished anyone who dared step into the ring with him.

He made quite a name for himself in the underworld, both as a fighter and a businessman. Eventually, through his toughness, intelligence, charisma and pure ruthless aggression, Joseph became one of the most powerful people in the underworld.

He was an undefeated prizefighting legend and a powerful and inspirational force in the criminal underworld. Many had tried, but no one could stop him.

With his top leutenants, he formed a family, and he drove any competitors out of town and ruthlessly eliminated anyone who tried to move in on his territory.

Eventually, Joseph grew bored with just controlling the gambling, prostitution, prizefighting and drugs. He wanted more. He disappeared from the publics eye completely, changed his face, his name and his lifestyle. He re-emerged as Ezekiel Burke. He took his fathers name, and followed his aspirations. Through bribe and extortion, he won the election for mayor. And not completely controls this town, as an elected official, and behind the scenes as the head of one of the most influential crime families in America.

Joseph moodboard:

Preliminary turnarounds for Joseph O’Connor:


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