Project Eagle Rock – Character Spotlight: Ryan Eagles

  Ryan Eagles is the main character of Eagle Rock.

Age: 24

Height: 6 feet/1.80m

Weight: 170 pounds/77 kg

Nationality: Native American

Occupation: Prize Fighter, Petty criminal, Video rental store clerk.

Abilities: Skilled muay thai fighter. Minor telekinetic powers: Able to create telekinetic shield.

Appearance: Mohawk haircut. Normally wears jeans, hoodie, jacket. Lean athletic build. (Native American Orlando Bloom)

Personality: Ryan is a pretty laid back guy most of the time in social settings. He doesn’t really take things too seriously, and he likes to act like he doesn’t care all that much. But he’s a bit of a loner and prone to brooding. He’s very straightforward and prefers to get down to business rather than beat around the bush.


Ryan Eagles is a disenfranchised young man. He travels in the seedy underbelly of society. He makes his money doing prizefighting in underground fight promotions and committing small-time crime. Stealing tv’s, cars, collecting money for loan sharks, etc.

Ryan grew up on an indian reservation, Eagle Rock, and had a bit of a rough childhood. His father, Niyol, was a Shaman, he lost his mind and disappeared soon after when Ryan was a little boy.

His mother, Nascha, then turned to alcoholism when she had trouble dealing with life as a single mother and accepting what had happened to her husband.

Ryan left the reservation when he was 17, and has been living by himself in the city since then. He has a girlfriend named Natalia, who works a s a stripper in a local club while putting herself through community college. He has two close friends, Julian and Tommy, two other small time prize fighters.

Ryan gets most of his work, whatever it may be, from the local “entrepreneur”, Joseph O’Connor.

Joseph is the legendary undefeated champion of the underworld prizefighting world. He owns several clubs, and is the head of a major crime family. Be it a fight, money collection or a crime opportunity, most of it comes Ryan’s way from Joseph and his associates. Most people in the city works for him in some way, whether they know or not.


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