Project Eagle Rock – Game world description, Important story location notes.

  This world is much like our own, the story is set in a fictional city but in modern day America. The economy is bad, wages are down, taxes are up, crime is running rampant in the streets. And people just try to get by as best they can. A lot like our world indeed, only this world is filled with signs of the supernatural.

The people have forgotten, or rather chosen to stop believing, in the supernatural. Angels and demons, creatures of the night, they are all dismissed as silly superstition. Yet the people of this world live with “the touched” walking among them, men and women posessing supernatural abilites. They are not officially recognized or known, more like an urban myth. People know of their existence, stories are told, but there has never been any proof. The goverment routinely deny any evidence of the existence of super powered individuals, and go to great lengths to silence anyone trying to prove otherwise.

These people are called the Touched by those who know of them, they are called this because the church once deemed people exhibiting signs of powers to be touched by the devil, and had them executed. Normal people however, just refer to them as freaks.

The truth of the matter is that there are indeed people with powers. These powers can manifest in many ways, enhanced physical abilites, like speed, strength, hearing and so on, or more supernatural abilities, like telekinesis or pyrokinesis. There are two reasons a person may have abilities like these, they either carry the blood of a supernatural being, or they have performed a dark ritual to obtain their ability in trade with a supernatural being.

For the people born with an ability, it is often as much of a curse as it is a gift, as it was not their choice. Some people may have trouble controlling their ability, and regardless, they have to deal with a world that would not understand.

The people who willingly and knowingly trade for supernaturals for for their gift however, tend to enjoy their newfound power and make use of it for their own ends.

The knowledge and then the courage required to go through with this ritual limits the amount of cases of this happening, but the people who do undergo the ritual tend to be ambitious and ruthless enough to cause waves afterwards. It’s not common, but it is serious enough for the government to have formed a special taskforce to deal with cases where an individual posesses powers that make them difficult to deal with for normal law enforcement.

Important locations:

Ryan’s Apartment – Cheap run-down apartment. Not a lot of furniture. Messy. Old chinese food cartons. Nice tv and games consoles.

City block – Very ethnic area. Crowded with lots of little market stalls lining the streets. A lot of garbage. Many back alleys, filled with garbage bags, garbage cans and homeless people. (Reference keyword: Chinatown)

Club Lotus – Fancy modern place. Neon lights. Colours black, red and pink. Postmodern style. Lots of shiny things, bar, tables, etc. Glass and Chrome.

Club Lotus Basement – Old dingy basement. Two levels. Used for prizefighting. Contains a cage on the lower level, with the upper level serving as a “balcony” of sorts.

Eagle Rock Reservation – An old quarry turned into a village. Lots of sand and rocks and small desert plants. Desaturated.

Ryan’s Parents House – Old beat up trailer with cinderblocks instead of wheels. Window is broken. Crooked tv antenna sticking out of the roof.

Eagle Rock Casino – Very typical indian casino, designed to cater to tourists. With cheap indian memorabilia knock-offs lining the walls and the employees wearing headdresses etc. They run shows where they re-enact battles between the indians and the goverment and so on.


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