Project Eagle Rock – Teaser Trailer Treatment: 1st Draft


We open with a shot of a man, being punched in the kidneys. The fist makes contact as sweat flies and the torse contorts in pain from the blow.

Cut to RYAN EAGLES, sitting on a stool in a small dressing room. He is wearing his fighting gear, shorts, and his hands and ankles are wrapped in tape. He sits bent over forward, with a towel over his head, staring at his hands. A single small lightbulb dangles back and forth from the ceiling.

We are in a fight again. A Ryan takes a huge punch to the jaw. Sweat, spit and blood splatters as his face contorts and Ryan falls backwards.

Ryan hits the ground, dust flies off the canvas as Ryan’s head makes contact and bounces slightly. He has an empty lookin his eyes, staring at nothing in particular. It looks like the fight is over.

We see Ryan getting shot at. He is in front of his mothers trailer. As the bullets hits him, he deflects them with a telekinetic shield he subconciously creates as he lifts his arms to protect himself. He falls backwards as the bullets bounce ricochet off him and hits the trailer in the background.

Ryan is having a lound fight with a woman. It’s his girlfriend, NATALIA. They yell at each other. He points angrily in her face as he makes a point. She slaps him.

Ryan is jumping between buildings. He runs and smashes through a window, flying across the the alley below to the fireescape on the building on the other side. He lands hard and hurts himself.

Several men enter a room. A large muscular man enters first, followed by an older gentleman in a business suit, followed by a tall slender man with long hair and a top hat. The large man and the tall man take their places behind the older man. The older man folds his arms and smirks.

Natalia is at the strip club, doing her pole dance routine. She swings around the pole and strikes a sexy pose.

Ryan is in an argument with TOMMY MALDINI in a club. They yell and shove each other. JULIAN WRIGHT, the club bouncer and their mutual friend, steps in between and separates them as they stare menacingly at each other.

Ryan is in the gym, shadowboxing. As he pauses and picks up his water bottle for a drink, COACH BILL steps in to the frame and puts his hand on Ryans shoulder. They share a laugh.

We’re back in the dressing room. Ryan is still sitting there. He slowly clinches his fist determinedly. He takes the towel off his face and walks out of the room.

Back in the fight. Ryan snaps back to reality, and his empty look turns to a determined frown, and he gets back up.




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