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Project Eagle Rock – More Natalia Williams concepts

  Character Profile: Natalia Williams

Nationality: American

Age: 23

Height: 5.7ft/1.70cm

Weight: 110lb/50kg

Occupation: Stripper. Student.

Abilities: Natalia has no supernatural abilities.

Appearance: Slim. Long wavy hair. Wears glasses. Usually wears laid back, comfortable clothing.


Natalia Williams is a smart girl, with a bit of a cynical outlook on life. She works as a stripper to support herself while trying to finish her University degree.

She lost her parents in a car accident when she was a little girl. She then went to live with her blind uncle.

Natalia was always a smart girl and a bit of an overachiever. She was very pretty, but kind of a tom-boy. Rather than join the cheerleading squad like all the other pretty and popular girls, she joined the womens soccer team. After graduating high school, she moved to the city to attend medical school, wanting to specialize in eye surgery and sight research.

In the beginning, she paid for this with her inheritance from her deceased parents, but the city was expensive and the money ran out fast. She had to drop out of university and find a job. After going from job to job, always getting fired for some reason or another, she ended up taking a job as a stripper in a local club. This made her enough money to cover her living expenses and allow her to return to university on a part time basis, trying to finish her degree.

This was when she met her boyfriend Ryan. A friend of Julian, a doorman at the club. Ryan stepped in when a creepy customer tried to wait for her in the parking lot after work, this lead to a late night diner “date”, and since then they have been together.


Project Eagle Rock – Character Spotlight: Gabriel O’Connor

  Character Profile: Gabriel O’Connor.

Nationality: Irish-American

Height: 6.2ft/1.85m

Weight: 185lb

Abilities: Highly intelligent. Powerful telepath, but actively hides his ability.

Appearance: Tall, slim and good looking man. Blonde hair with side part. Always dresses sharply and keeps himself well groomed. (Reference keyword: Brendan Fraser, Aaron eckhart)

Personality: Very intelligent. Always playing an angle. He’s friendly and accommodating, but always for a reason. Carries great distain and bitterness towards his father and his adopted siblings.


Gabriel is the second in command in the Connor criminal empire. He is extremely intellegent and a very savvy and ruthless business man. Lacking any obvious abilites like his father and siblings, he’s made up for it with his brilliant mind. While the other children each run a part of the Connor empire, Gabriel oversees the whole operation and usually deals with the big picture plans as opposed to the little details in the every day running of operations.

The biologial child of Joseph O’Connor, he was never treated well by his father after it became apparent to him that Gabriel had no abilities. He was mostly disregarded as a failure by his father, despite clearly being a very intelligent man and every bit as ruthless as his father.

Gabriel’s undeniable brilliance has made him the second in command in the Connor family, but he’s never been treated as such by the others, always kind of looked down upon for not posessing the kind of power the others do.

He absolutely despises his father and siblings, and is always looking for his opportunity to dispose of his father and take the Connor criminal empire for himself.

Project Eagle Rock – Character Spotlight: Julian Wright


Character Profile: Julian Wright

Nationality: African-American

Age: 27

Height: 6.4ft/1.90m

Weight: 205lb/93kg

Occupation: Prize fighter, Doorman.

Abilities: No supernatural abilities. Very athletic. Strong wrestler.

Appearance: Tall, heavily muscled. Shaves his head. Has a goatee. Usually wears a suit. Has hawaiian tribal tattoos. (Ref: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson)

Personality: Julian is kind of a sleeping giant. He’s goodhearted and jovial most of the time, but when pushed he becomes a fierce beast. He’s pretty laidback and likes to joke around.


Julian Wright is a professional fighter who works as a doorman at the local club.

He was a bit of a spoiled kid. Born into a wealthy family, his father is a politician and his mother is a doctor, Julian was a star athlete in high school and college, who eventually lost his scholarship and was expelled because a girl accused him of rape after a night of excessive drinking and smoking following a big win for the college football team.

Julian ended up going on a bit of a self pity fueled bender, and got into a brawl in a local club. He absolutely the guys he was fighting, and caught the attention of a local kickboxing trainer. His natural athletisism and killer instinct marked Julian as a promising prospect. The trainer tracked Julian down the next day and offered to train him to be a professional fighter.

Julian got into mixed martial arts, and trains diligently, seeing this as a second chance to follow his dream of being a professional athlete. This is where he met Ryan and Tommy, two fellow fighters training diligently and working on their abilites, each for their own reasons.