Project Eagle Rock – Character Spotlight: Gabriel O’Connor

  Character Profile: Gabriel O’Connor.

Nationality: Irish-American

Height: 6.2ft/1.85m

Weight: 185lb

Abilities: Highly intelligent. Powerful telepath, but actively hides his ability.

Appearance: Tall, slim and good looking man. Blonde hair with side part. Always dresses sharply and keeps himself well groomed. (Reference keyword: Brendan Fraser, Aaron eckhart)

Personality: Very intelligent. Always playing an angle. He’s friendly and accommodating, but always for a reason. Carries great distain and bitterness towards his father and his adopted siblings.


Gabriel is the second in command in the Connor criminal empire. He is extremely intellegent and a very savvy and ruthless business man. Lacking any obvious abilites like his father and siblings, he’s made up for it with his brilliant mind. While the other children each run a part of the Connor empire, Gabriel oversees the whole operation and usually deals with the big picture plans as opposed to the little details in the every day running of operations.

The biologial child of Joseph O’Connor, he was never treated well by his father after it became apparent to him that Gabriel had no abilities. He was mostly disregarded as a failure by his father, despite clearly being a very intelligent man and every bit as ruthless as his father.

Gabriel’s undeniable brilliance has made him the second in command in the Connor family, but he’s never been treated as such by the others, always kind of looked down upon for not posessing the kind of power the others do.

He absolutely despises his father and siblings, and is always looking for his opportunity to dispose of his father and take the Connor criminal empire for himself.


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