Project Eagle Rock – Character Spotlight: Julian Wright


Character Profile: Julian Wright

Nationality: African-American

Age: 27

Height: 6.4ft/1.90m

Weight: 205lb/93kg

Occupation: Prize fighter, Doorman.

Abilities: No supernatural abilities. Very athletic. Strong wrestler.

Appearance: Tall, heavily muscled. Shaves his head. Has a goatee. Usually wears a suit. Has hawaiian tribal tattoos. (Ref: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson)

Personality: Julian is kind of a sleeping giant. He’s goodhearted and jovial most of the time, but when pushed he becomes a fierce beast. He’s pretty laidback and likes to joke around.


Julian Wright is a professional fighter who works as a doorman at the local club.

He was a bit of a spoiled kid. Born into a wealthy family, his father is a politician and his mother is a doctor, Julian was a star athlete in high school and college, who eventually lost his scholarship and was expelled because a girl accused him of rape after a night of excessive drinking and smoking following a big win for the college football team.

Julian ended up going on a bit of a self pity fueled bender, and got into a brawl in a local club. He absolutely the guys he was fighting, and caught the attention of a local kickboxing trainer. His natural athletisism and killer instinct marked Julian as a promising prospect. The trainer tracked Julian down the next day and offered to train him to be a professional fighter.

Julian got into mixed martial arts, and trains diligently, seeing this as a second chance to follow his dream of being a professional athlete. This is where he met Ryan and Tommy, two fellow fighters training diligently and working on their abilites, each for their own reasons.


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