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Joseph Stoneheart – The Paladin (Part 2)

I had intended to make a nice composition with the finished paladin statue, however it didn’t happen. I guess I got distracted. Anyway I finally got around to doing a proper picture with him. I think it turned out quite nicely.

The Paladin is loosely inspired by the Paladins in Warcraft lore. Created using Zbrush, 3Ds Max, Photoshop and Xnormal. 12700 polygons, rendered in Max with standard shader and basic 3 point lighting. Uses diffuse, specular, and normal maps.

A turnaround video of the Paladin statue can be found here:


Batman statue

I finished another personal project the other day, so I figured I should post something. Since these days have been very Batman heavy, what with the Dark knight Rises coming out and all. I rewatched all the Nolan Batman movies, and also played the Rocksteady Batman games, so I was inspired to take a crack at a Batman model myself.


He was created using 3DS Max, Zbrush and Photoshop. Most of the work was done in Zbrush, only using Max to create the base geometry and the render to texture function for the normal maps.


The whole model is 6880 polygons in all, counting the base I did for the statue.



You can also find a turnaround video of the statue of the model here: